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Indian Stripe Heirloom Tomato – SEED


INDIAN STRIPE HEIRLOOM TOMATO is a highly recommended and favourite variety with an exquisite taste with the richness and complexity of fine wine.  Delicious! (SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFO!)


INDIAN STIPE aka “Indian Zebra” heirloom tomato is a very old heirloom that is thought to be a distinct strain of Cherokee Purple. This highly recommended variety bears large red-burgandy, 8 -10++ oz. fruit with occasional green striping that have an exquisite taste with the richness and complexity of fine wine.  Delicious! Compact indeterminate, regular leaf foliage.  Flavor is best when fully ripe. One of the best all around tomatoes for me!

The fruit gets its name from the faint green stripes that fade as tomatoes ripen and  has been compared to Cherokee Purple, but Indian Stripe bears more heavily and the fruit is a bit lighter in color.  It is productive, fruits are oblate, a bit smaller than ‘Cherokee Purple’, shoulders not as dark, but color similarly dusky rose with some occasional green striping.  It stands up to heat, humidity, bugs, diseases, wilt, poor soil, lack of irrigation, abuse and inattentiveness, and still pumps out large, dense, sweet, tomatoey fruit with a meaty core and small seed cells pinwheeled way out at the very edge of the flesh. (ALTHOUGH THAT TREATMENT ISN’T RECOMMENDED)
Compact Indeterminate. 80 days

Plants will grow in containers – the larger the better ie. 10-gallon pots


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