Kale or leaf cabbage of the plant species Brassica oleracea. A kale plant has green or purple leaves and the central leaves do not form a head.

Heirloom Red Russian Kale
Siberian Kale ‘Red Russian’ a.k.a “Ragged Jack”
approx 250 seeds Brassica napus var. pabularia  HEIRLOOM Open Pollinated Delicious grey-green leaves turn purple in cold weather and  is pretty enough to plant among the flowers. Much larger than regular kale (2 to 3' tall) Beautiful purple-veined, velvety blue-green leaves tinged with red-purple, with frilly leaf margins shaped like big oak leaves. Russo-Siberian Kales are typically milder than Borecole Kales and better suited to be eaten raw. The purple colors become richer after frost, when the flavor becomes sweeter. Surprisingly, the big leaves are very tender and delicious. Originally from Siberia, brought to Canada by Russian traders around 1885. One of the hardiest and most tender of all kales. Vigorous 18-36" plants. Mild sweet flavor. Hardy to -20C (-10°F).
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